Remove Snapz Pro X’s splash screen

Ever since installing Snapz Pro X, I have been interested in turning off the splash screen that appears every time I startup my MacBook. Today, I took the time to do a little digging at Ambrosia Software’s website and found the FAQ that answers my question:

Can I get rid of the Splash Screen?

Which provided the following solution, open a terminal and type in the following:
defaults write com.ambrosiasw.snapz SkipSplashScreen true

Custom Folder Icons in MacOSX

I found the following site that explains what you need to do, I will simply summarize for my specific application/needs:

  1. Make an image that is 128px by 128px in Photoshop (other other program)
  2. Save as a PSD or as a PNG file with a transparent background
  3. If you don’t have Apple’s Developer Tools installed, install them now
  4. Open “Icon Composer”, /Developer/Applications/Utilities
  5. Drag your PSD/PNG into the 128px square and confirm the defaults for the dialogs
  6. Save this file to your computer
  7. Download Icns2Rsrc
  8. Open Icns2Rsrc and File->Open and select the file you saved from step #6 above
  9. It will save a file with the same name and location (with a .rsrc extension)
  10. Command-I that file and and the folder you want to use the new graphic
  11. Highlight the graphic in the upper right of the .rsrc file and Edit->Copy (Command-C)
  12. Highlight the graphic in the upper right of the folder and Edit->Paste (Command-V)
  13. Close both “Info” dialogs and the folder should now display your custom graphic in Finder (including Cover Flow view).



Winmail.dat Viewers (Mac and Windows)

I occasionally run into a winmail.dat file that I can’t open (typically because some outlook user has “rich text” as their default email type. Although, occasionally they aren’t sure how this happened and the default is HTML or plain text.

I wanted to post on two utilities (one for MacOSX and one for Windows) that allows you to open these files and see the attachments contained within these annoying files. Thanks Microsoft!

Winmail Opener

TNEF’s Enough:

Useful little programs for getting around these problematic files, and definitely a lifesaver when you have a winmail.dat and need the contents.

SyncServer Unexpectedly Quit (resolved)

I believe that I have finally resolved the problem on my MacBook when starting that it would display this error message “SyncServer has unexpectedly quit” with a relaunch button.

After doing a few google searches I found a site that referenced this problem a way to resolve it.

Since, I wasn’t using .Mac for anything the solution was to:
1) Delete the following folder: /Users//Library/Application Support/SyncServices/
2) Reboot

Support for MacBook Pro

Called Apple Care today, regarding a MacBook Pro that appears to have a
“moldy” spot on the LCD just to the left of center. They indicated that I
would need to take the unit to an Authorized Service Center or the local
Apple Store and have the techs review it and determine what needs to be

They provided me with two Authorized Service Centers that were supposedly
local to me. When I called to make sure that I could just stop by they
indicated that I would need to go to their “Depot” center both more than
30mins away. So I called back and asked for a “reservation” at the Apple
Store for the review/repair. If I am going to drive 30mins, I might as well
do it at the Apple Store instead of an authorized service center. I was
able to acquire a timeslot just after lunch at 1pm.

I am frustrated with the Apple Care program, and the requirements and lack
of service that I have received so far. If I am purchasing a premium
product, and the associated “Apple Care” Support for it, I would expect
immediate service. “Take it to a service center or apple store” so that
they can “review” your complaint…. When none of them are within a short
drive (less than 30mins one way).

More details to follow, after I trek over to the Legacy Village Apple Store
and find out what they are willing to do about this problem.


Well, I was able to convince the Genius at the Genius Bar that the problem warrants a replacement (or at least an attempt at a replacement). He did make me aware that they a certain amount of “pixel” problems are considered “normal” and not covered under the warranty. However, he couldn’t make that determination and was willing to send it in and see if what “they” think. What made the experience frustrating is that I had to drive 35mins to then stand and wait for 30mins (beyond my appointment time) to get someone to look at it… and then another 30mins for him to agree and get all the paperwork filled out. I guess if two hours of my day warrants a new screen *maybe* it is worth it…. but it definitely is more work than it needs to be.

*UPDATE* Oct-5th, Received the laptop back from Apple with a new screen. No charge. It took a fair amount of hassle to get this outcome, but at least it was fixed.