Remove Snapz Pro X’s splash screen

Ever since installing Snapz Pro X, I have been interested in turning off the splash screen that appears every time I startup my MacBook. Today, I took the time to do a little digging at Ambrosia Software’s website and found the FAQ that answers my question:

Can I get rid of the Splash Screen?

Which provided the following solution, open a terminal and type in the following:
defaults write com.ambrosiasw.snapz SkipSplashScreen true

Custom Folder Icons in MacOSX

I found the following site that explains what you need to do, I will simply summarize for my specific application/needs:

  1. Make an image that is 128px by 128px in Photoshop (other other program)
  2. Save as a PSD or as a PNG file with a transparent background
  3. If you don’t have Apple’s Developer Tools installed, install them now
  4. Open “Icon Composer”, /Developer/Applications/Utilities
  5. Drag your PSD/PNG into the 128px square and confirm the defaults for the dialogs
  6. Save this file to your computer
  7. Download Icns2Rsrc
  8. Open Icns2Rsrc and File->Open and select the file you saved from step #6 above
  9. It will save a file with the same name and location (with a .rsrc extension)
  10. Command-I that file and and the folder you want to use the new graphic
  11. Highlight the graphic in the upper right of the .rsrc file and Edit->Copy (Command-C)
  12. Highlight the graphic in the upper right of the folder and Edit->Paste (Command-V)
  13. Close both “Info” dialogs and the folder should now display your custom graphic in Finder (including Cover Flow view).



SyncServer Unexpectedly Quit (resolved)

I believe that I have finally resolved the problem on my MacBook when starting that it would display this error message “SyncServer has unexpectedly quit” with a relaunch button.

After doing a few google searches I found a site that referenced this problem a way to resolve it.

Since, I wasn’t using .Mac for anything the solution was to:
1) Delete the following folder: /Users//Library/Application Support/SyncServices/
2) Reboot