easyPages v0.22 is available for download

You can download it here: http://snydersoft.com/easyPages/

I recently updated easyPages to include a few enhancements:

  • Added file icons for MSProject, WinZip, and Unknown filetypes
  • Display last modified time in format “(Updated DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM)” after file names
  • Display “new” icon if the file was updated in the last 14days

easyPages is a PHP script that creates a listing of the documents/folders that are contained in the same directory on the webserver as this script. The resources directory contains all the necessary graphics. This script was created originally as a way for me to quickly post new documents to my Intranet pages at work, without needing to edit the HTML/PHP to create new links to them.

easyPages requires a web server with PHP 4 or higher installed.

Extract the easyPages*_Script_and_Graphics.zip file to a folder in your webspace
Create subfolders (beside the index.php) and they will appear when you browse to that folder on your web server.

There is a “Sample_Files” folder in the .zip that will also help you get started with creating the file structure.

Currently, easyPages-v0.22 only supports one level of sub-folders.

Download is available at http://snydersoft.com/easyPages/