Twitter and WordPress

I wanted to document one of the hacks that I have made to a the Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget.

Edit to “Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget”

I wanted a line break after the time, so I added the following line:

As the last line inside the following “if” statement:
if ( showTimeFirst == 1) {

I also attempted to hack up the Twitter Updater to provide a nicer URL to twitter that would then appear nice in the above mentioned Twitter SideBar Widget… but ran into some issues. I have determined that I need to make the change to the Sidebar Widget and detect the URL and then place it into a ““. A project for another day.


Now that I have successfully moved to my new web hosting provider, I am ready to get back to blogging more regularly. The move was relatively easy, but took time to get everyone to play nicely and move the DNS records and get WordPress upgraded and all the old articles restored.

One of the first things I have decided to play with is Twitter. I am going to use the IM -> twitter interface for the common updates, since I don’t have a text-messaging plan on my phone anymore. Since I always have IM open at work, and they have a nice interface from GTalk->Twitter… why not.