Problems installing Perl modules under Redhat8/Redhat9

I had another friend get bitten by this *feature*, and felt it was worthy of a note on this site.

: “Note for Perl 5.8 Users (incl Red Hat 8)

Redhat 8 and 9 changed the default LANG to something with utf8 and this causes all kinds of problems with installing various modules and software. So the fix is to set the environment LANG=en_US before going to into CPAN.

Just do “export LANG=en_US” on the command line, and then install the module you need. You probably want to consider installing this into something like /etc/profile, or other global environment area so that it is selected the default for all users.

CSS Positioning (and when elements space is closed up)

When using relative positioning the space that the element normally needs is NOT closed up as the element is positioned.

However, when using absolute positioning the space that element normally needs IS closed up.

And don’t forget that positioning of an element is based on the “parent” element that was also positioned, otherwise it is the BODY/HTML element.

Passphrase-less SSH key for scripted uses

I have used this a number of times, but since I needed to look up all the flags again, I thought I would post this for those interest. I occasionally use this to allow a script to push a file from one machine thru the firewall to an external machine (via SSH).

Here is how you make the key:
ssh-keygen -N “” -q -b 1024 -C “key comment” -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

This then allows you to use commands like:
scp file.txt user@externalhost:/put/the/file/here/

Hello world!

Welcome to, I am going to start using WordPress for the main site. This will allow me to post blog like content quickly and easily with screenshots. My goal is to provide everyone lessons that I have learned while testing/trying new technology offerings. Primarily the interest will be in System Administration and Web Development tools, with a possibiliity of reviewing new gadgets that I have the opportunity to work with.