Aptana is a web development IDE based on Eclipse (or available as an
Eclipse Plugin). It provides excellent code-assist in both HTML,
Javascript, and CSS. The code highlighting and outliner provides a
quick and easy way of quickly seeing what is going on in the code.
Errors and warnings are also very beneficial and popup after you have
made the mistake (in the classic eclipse way with the red circle with
x near the line numbers).

With a plugin for Adobe AIR development, this is ideal development
environment for developing your AIR applications. They also provide
a “samples” pane in the lower right (by default) that provides quick
examples of functionality in the various Javascript frameworks, and
Adobe Air. Snippets and Scripts will also add you time (once you
realize everything that is there). I am still trying to make better
use of these areas, but they are beneficial for those “common” tasks.

Download it out at: http://www.aptana.com

They are working on a PHP development plugin… Looking forward to
that as well.

Aptana-screenshot full size

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