New Laptop Ordered


Today I placed an order for equipment that includes a new laptop for
me!! I am pretty excited but at the same time slightly disappointed.

I am glad to finally see an end for my existing Dell Inspiron 4150.
Just sad that I could not come up with a compelling enough
reason/justification for me to move to an Intel-based Apple MacBook.

With still 50% of my responsibilities in the IT functions, and a need
to have quick access to Windows tools and routinely troubleshooting
Windows issues with users…. I just could not justify the switching

Virtual machine software (Parallels, or other) is great for many
things…. But the speed is still an issue, and BaseCamp is a great
product but means waiting for a reboot each time I need to switch.

So I have decided to resign myself to the Latitude D830…. And will
continue to use a leftover G4 laptop for Mac OSX (Safari/etc)

Software licensing/costs was the other big issue…. Everything I use
today is available on both PC/Mac… But I already have purchased
copies on the PC (and of course the licenses are for only the PC
version of the software)…. So that added to the switching costs.

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