Wiki: Day One

Today the journey begins. Aaron and I have embarked on the journey
to test out MediaWiki for collaboration on a couple of GUI
projects… and see how it goes.

Wikis have been frowned upon in the past (here at work). However,
this is a tool that both of us have toyed with or used in a minor
capacity elsewhere before. Today, we want to jump into the deep end
and really try to use a Wiki to save us time/effort.

Background Details:
Aaron is a remote worker, and I am in the office…

So we are going to use this to save on long distance calls or long IM
sessions or even lengthy email proposals. All of those technologies
work pretty well if you only go back and forth occasionally(or a few
times. GUI work (which we are doing) tends to require a tighter
iterative loop and can have substantially different
opinions/directions…. So the idea is to use the Wiki to keep the
project architecture/design more fluid over time.

I will try to expand on the trials and tribulations, as well as, the
victories and success of this work style.

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