Wiki: Day Two

One bump in the road, and it doesn’t appear there is an easy fix.
The Help:* files aren’t loaded by default with the default wiki.
Online I found three variations of solutions:
* Do an “export” of the pages (but need a formatted file of all the
page names)
* Edit/Copy the source of the important pages, and paste into
matching pages of my wiki
* Link to another wiki’s instance of the pages

This seems like a glaring omission of the wiki setup, and while I
understand that including a default set of help files has two major
1) what language(s) to include
2) it goes against the core ideas of wiki (that of evolution of
page data/content)

It does, however, cause some issues when have users that want to know
more about the basics of wiki editing and would just like some
overview documents to help them be more efficient. I also understand
there is a certain level of structure that may be of a
“wiki-specific” nature… however, it would be nice to have some
basic English Help files… or a repository where-by it is easy to
get s “starting point” for these files.

If you are using a wiki and have found a better way to gather
together these Help pages… I would appreciate hearing about it.

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