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Every now and again you find (or get a recommendation for) a software
package that you discard becuase it does what some other software you
already have installed does. In this case, I was using TrillianPro
with the GoodNews RSS feed reading plugin… and I had passed on a
couple of recommendations to use Google Reader instead for all my RSS
feed reading needs.

Well, I decided last night to take Google Reader for a test drive.
It took me only a couple minutes to get signed up, and copy in the 15
or so feeds that I had been reading with some amount of regularity
recently. And in just 8 hours I have already found it to be *way*
better at managing and allowing me to read my feeds than
Trillian/GoodNews ever could have.

Key Features for me:
* common interface to read all my feeds (and one repository for
them) on all the various systems that I may use in a single day.
* quick – allows me to login and check on new news articles in
only a matter of secs on any PC in the office or at home.
* their reading pane is awesome…. allowing you to read the
article right there, and as you scroll it marks them as read (no more
opening a bunch of tabs/windows for every story you want to read).
* star an article for easy retrieval/review later…. double
points awarded becuase you can see these stars on any machine you
access google reader from.

Get yourself an account out at

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