Bluetooth AV Controls under Windows with iTunes

In this post, I wanted to document the steps that I had to follow to enable the A/V controls (play, pause, next song, previous song) buttons of my Motorola-S9 headset with my windows computer using iTunes.

Setup used:

  • Motorola S9 headset
  • Dell Latitude D830
  • Dell internal Bluetooth adapter (2.0 adapter with A2DP and AVRCP profiles)
  • Standard Drivers from Dell’s site (Toshiba drivers)
  • iTunes (v7.6.1.9)

I successfully paired the Motorola S9 headset with the Dell Laptop and it appeared as a Headset (Device Class: Audio/Video Wearable Headset Device, and Service Claass: Audio Sink). Once complete, I could listen to the music from my laptop but could not control the playback.

I confirmed that the Dell Bluetooth adapter in the Latitude D830 has the A2DP and AVRCP profiles so that it should allow the audio playback controls, however it wasn’t working. After digging online at both the iTunes site and the Dell site I had determined there must be an incompatibility with the setup that I was using. However, when I was unable to make Windows Media Player work as well… I figured there had to be a configuration issue.

I opened up the Bluetooth Settings window (double-click on the bluetooth icon in the systray, near the clock) and started looking everywhere for a setting to enable this. I found it under Bluetooth->options and on the General tab at the bottom is “AV Remote Control Service” but it wasn’t checked. So I checked the box and then tried the headset Play button and lo and behold Windows Media player popped up. So now it was talking using the AVRCP controls but how do I make it talk to iTunes instead.

So I checked the other tabs under Bluetooth->options and found on the “Other” tab the section for AV Player Selection with a button “AV Player…”. Clicking on the button you are presented with a window that allows you to pick the program for each of the following:

  • Play music file
  • Play CD Audio
  • Play DVD

And below that is a setting for where it displays the “command” that it was requested to do. I selected iTunes for the Music File and CD Audio and set the Display position to Bottom-Right where all my other alerts appear and clicked OK.

Success! The Motorola S9 now correctly controls iTunes for Play, Pause, Next Track, Previous Track.

I hope this helps someone else, as I was surprised that I could get the S9 to work just fine with my iMac but couldn’t get it working with iTunes under Windows. Apple probably has all the services enabled by default, where it seems that Dell doesn’t enable the PAN Networking service, nor the all important AV Remote Control Service.

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  1. Hey man, I’ve got a set of Motorola Ht820s and I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting them to pair with my Dell Latitude 630. They worked a few times when I tried them at home but now they don’t work at all either at home or outside of my apartment. My computer recognizes the device, I double click it, it asks me for a pin which I enter correctly, and after I press enter the computer thinks for a bit and then says “Connection to device failed.” Its been driving me insane and I haven’t found a solution for it online yet, though yours gave me some hope. Unfortunately my AV Remote Control Service was already checked. If you could help me at all I would be forever in your debt. Let me know! Thanks.

  2. Nick:

    Not sure if you have paired your headset with more than device/computer, but I would suggest that for troubleshooting purposes that you only have one pairing partner (phone, or computer) on at a time. And then delete any connection you already have for your headset in the Bluetooth manager. And then follow the steps to pair the headphones with your computer

    0) make sure that any other paired devices (other computers, or phones are off)
    1) enable bluetooth on computer
    2) turn off headphones
    3) press and hold the left side call button for 6 seconds until the indicator light turns on and remains steadily lit
    4) on your computer in bluetooth manager click on the “New Connection” button
    5) the computer should find headphones and prompt for pin
    6) enter the pin and it should successfully connect

    Typically, when I see the connection failed message, it is because another paired device (second computer or phone, etc) is on and using the bluetooth connection to the headphones. When you want to switch between you need to make sure the first source is off, and then power off and power on your headset so that it is ready for a different bluetooth source. Then in Bluetooth manager on your computer you can double-click on the connection to initiate a connection to the headphones.

    Not sure if your HT820 does the same thing as my S9, but I hear tones in the headset when it connects to my device. It might be worth listening to them when you power them on and see if it is immediately connecting to another device on power up (would confirm what I think is going on above).

    I was able to confirm on Motorola’s website that the pairing pin for your headset is 0000, so that isn’t the problem (for what that is worth).

    Hope this helps!

  3. Received the following email from Nick, as he was able to resolve his issue. I figured I would pass along his solution as well, for others that have a similar issue:

    Thank you so much for getting back to me but I was able to resolve the issue with Dell tech support. After about an hour and a half of them remotely controlling my PC, they basically downloaded the bluetooth drivers and re-installed them. That’s it! Highly recommend it for anyone else who comes to you for help in the future. Thanks again!


  4. hi Nick,I have the exactly same problem.i have dell insprion and windows xp .could you give the detail how have you solved your problem?

  5. I got the s9 too and I try to used with itunes, but in my case it does not show me the options of another player, just windows media player. What do you recommend to do?


  6. Thank you! I’ve been trying to get my headphones controlling iTunes for months. This was the nudge in the right direction that I needed.

  7. is it working in windows? your os is Mac, right? I am using windows xp and I can hear the sound but cannot use the controls for itune.

  8. Thanks, had the same problem with Cardo S-2 headset and my D830.

    So I just followed your instructions and enable the things, then disconnected and reconnected the S-2 and then it just worked… 😀

  9. I’m having the same problem as #5 in my av player drop down box i only have WMP

  10. Thanks! I’ve got iTunes streaming to my stereo via AirTunes, but I still had to go back to the computer to skip tracks, pause music etc. I can now use my motorola S705 as a pocket remote to iTunes, which i’ve been trying to do for months. Thanks for the tip!

  11. i did every step and still dont work , i went to bluetooth i select/ options,/ select others/ select/ av player/and i change all Tabs to i tunes, and still dont’ work

  12. Hi Guys Is Me Again, Just What? If You Have bluetooth s9 motorola and Follow All steps, and you sill You Can’t hear any music but you can control the music back and foward, the last step is turn off itunes turn back on and Bingo You Got it baby. i hope this work for you to.

  13. Guys If You Have s9 Make sure itunes is set up correctly,you have to go to/ Edit/ Select Preferences/Select Devices/ Make Sure have check in all boxes and you be Ok good luck Again

  14. i have dell’s inspiron 1525 and gets connected with motorola s705 but i cant get sound from the bluetooth headset………every setting is ok.but not working

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