iPhone Stats (first 8-weeks)

Ok, this is the last post on the topic… but I thought I would share my usage, and see what interesting conclusions may be drawn from the numbers.

Songs: 524
Videos: 0
Photos: 18
Capacity: 14.6 GB
Available: 11.7 GB

Call Time
Call Time: 5hrs and 58mins

Cellular Network Data
Sent: 7.8 MB
Received: 123 MB

Based on these numbers, here are some basic averages (based on 58 days):
phone conversation a day: 6.1 up slightly from the first 4-week average of 5.2 mins
data sent per day: 0.134 up slightly from 0.114 MB
data received per day: 2.120MB up modestly from 1.828 MB

Couple of observations… I have “settled” into a routine with the device. I purchased the Griffin Technologies iTrip AutoPilot and have been listening to podcasts (tWiT, BOL, the404, StackOverflow, gdgt weekly, OpenWebPodcast) during commute. This unit (model 4046-TRPAUTOC) supports charging the phone + FM transmitter, with the extra benefit of Prev/Next/Play&Pause all on the lighter-plug (very useful!).

Apps installed:

  • Pandora Radio
  • ShifD
  • AIM (just in case)
  • Twittelator
  • BreakLite
  • LumenLite
  • Apple iTunes Remote

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