Limited user rights should be viable for everyone

While reading the March 2, 2009 issue of eWEEK, I enjoyed the commentary by Andrew Garcia in “Windows in the way? UAC is not a reason to reject Vista or Windows 7“.

“Alas, I admit I have been complicit in furthering these bad practices with shortcomings in my own testing and analysis for eWEEK. Therefore, I make this pledge — from here on, in my reviews, I will ensure all software I test designed to run on Windows desktops operates as advertized with only limited user rights. And I will call out those that fail this litmus test.”

Kudos to Andrew for championing the ability for users to run Windows software under limited user rights. With magazines and technology analysts documenting the shortcomings of various software packages, we have a chance of getting Windows software that works better for all of us. I look forward to seeing these details included in future reviews in eWEEK.

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