Nagios 2.9 is available

I was updating some Nagios configuration by hand editing various
configuration files. This “pain” reminded me to check and see if there were
any updates to Nagios, and of course there was a few updates (2.4 -> 2.9)
since the last time I updated it. I grabbed the latest Nagios and the latest
plugins to go with it… and updated my Nagios box.

I am now on the quest to see if I can find a Nagios configuration file
editor that works from PHP web pages. I have attempted to make NagEdit
work, but spending the better part of the morning getting the configuration
files/etc setup and read/written…. hasn’t produced a single page yet of
editable configuration for Nagios. So I will keep looking for this elusive
“tool” to make better use of Nagios.

If you don’t have a solid network monitoring program on your network, you
should give Nagios a try. It is rock-solid and has excellent
reporting/alerting features.

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