Database Errors after 1and1 upgrade to PHP 5.4

I switched my global PHP version to 5.4 and then had problems with various software including WordPress, and Concrete connecting to my mysql database. I found that just going into database administration (after switching the PHP version to 5.4) and updating the mysql password (to the same as before) caused it to use the new hashing mechanism/library… and now the database connections work correctly.

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4 thoughts on “Database Errors after 1and1 upgrade to PHP 5.4”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you. I had the same problem and had no idea why it wasn’t connecting. Saved me a ton of time!

  2. Ugh. I was praying when I read these comments, but it did not work when I tried it. Still no connection. 1and1 says that I need to create a new db, export the info and then import it into the new one, since it is a newer version of MYSQL. However, the old version is 5.0 and the new versions are 5.0 too!

  3. Not sure what CMS software you are using… but if you have any caching enabled, you may want to flush them to make sure it isn’t something stuck in there. The other possibility would be if the CMS software needs to be updated to use the new password hashing functionality with MySQL.

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