Photoshop Awesome Tip

Recently I discovered a tip while watching a Photoshop Killer Tips
video podcast (, that I
wanted to share with everyone.

If you are using a shape selection tool (oval/box/etc) and begin to
draw the shape…. if you press and hold the spacebar you can move
the shape you have drawn. And then if you let up on the spacebar and
continue to drag your mouse it will enlarge/shrink the shape as

This little tip has saved me more than a few minutes recently so I
thought I would pass it along. I wasn’t aware you could move the
shape once I began to draw it…. so I would spend time re-drawing
the shape until I got it just right. After watching Matt move a
shape and continue to grow the shape after moving it… I did a
little digging in the online help and was able to determine how it
was done.

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