Did you ever wish you could view all the Javscript code for a
particular page? How about when troubleshooting some stylesheet
related layout issue, wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to get
all the CSS stylesheets combined?

Well, Ron Beckman thought so…. He created JSView, a plugin to
Firefox that does both of these things and much more. You can
download it at:


I turn on the option to have it displayed it’s icon in the status
bar. You can do that too, using these quick steps after loading the
plugin into Firefox. Just go to the Tools menu and select “JSView
Options”, and on the first tab, just unselect the “disable statusbar
icon” choice, and click OK. Once that is complete you will have an
icon/menu similar to this in the statusbar of Firefox.

JSView-screenshot Full Size
Awesome specialty tool, but when you need it…. it really saves you

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